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Bamboo In Every Room of Your House!

You may have noticed that here at Eco Bamboo Africa we love all things bamboo. We've listed on many occasions all the advantages of bamboo but today we would like to showcase all the ways this wonder material can be used in and around your home or office. Below are some of our recent installations featuring all the ways bamboo can brighten up your home. It's ease of installation has made it a favorite among contractors, architects and home owners. Click here to request your quote today.

Bamboo Countertops in the Kitchen

Bamboo Kitchen Countertops are perfect for any kitchen. Super durable and water resistant after the proper treatment as well as much more cost effective than granite countertops. It is also much easier to work with and easy to shape and mold to your space.

bamboo counter Kitchen 1

bamboo counter Kitchen 3

bamboo counter Kitchen 2

bamboo kitchen island

bamboo kitchen counter 

Bamboo Flooring for the Kitchen, Dining Room, Study or Bedroom

Bamboo Flooring is suited for any room in your house or office, be it the kitchen, dining room, study or bedroom. It often becomes the feature of the room, adding a warmth and natural feel not matched by other products. It's durablility makes it perfect for high traffic areas.

bamboo dining room flooring

bamboo lounge flooring 2

bamboo bedroom 4

bamboo office floor

bamboo lounge flooring 1


Bamboo in the Bathroom!

bamboo bathroom 2

bamboo bathroom 3

bamboo bathroom 1


Bamboo Fencing & Gates

bamboo fencing 1

bamboo fencing 2


Bamboo Stairs

bamboo stairs 1

bamboo stairs 2


Bamboo Tables

bamboo table


Bamboo Doors

bamboo door


Bamboo Paneling

bamboo paneling


Composite Decking

composite decking pool 1

decking beach

decking dock


Contact us today to find what bamboo can do for your home or project

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Below are a few examples of how composite decking can transform your home, increase its value and add a feeling of spaciousness to any area. It's tranformed the space into an inviting destination for taking in the stunning view. Click here to contact us today to find out more about composite decking or to request a quote. Installation done by our South African associates and installation agent Bamboo Warehouse.

Bamboo Composite Decking 1

Bamboo Composite Decking 2

Bamboo Composite Decking 3


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