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How Bamboo Grows


how bamboo grows

 How Bamboo Grows

Frist growth season (3-4 seasons):
Reaches full height and width

Third Year: The culm fully hardens and the bamboo shoot is considered fully mature

Compared to 3 years for bamboo, hardwood takes 30-50 years to mature!

Bamboo is clearly the best eco-friendly option for your home or office.

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We've already highlighted the many advantages of our composite decking over other plastic decking but below we wish to show you some of the stunning installations done by our installation agent, Bamboo Warehouse, in South Africa. Our durable and low-maintenance decking boards come in a variety of colors and its ease of installation makes almost any deck design idea possible.

Composite Decking Installation

Our decking boards can transform any area into a stunning living space as shown by the transformation of this area below, creating an elegant and professional entertainment space.

composite decking boards 1

composite decking boards 2

composite decking boards 3

Bamboo Paneling Installation

The versatility of Bamboo is shown below for use as wall paneling, creating a stunning effect as well as hiding unsightly cabling and plugs.

bamboo paneling 3

bamboo paneling 2

bamboo paneling

Bamboo Stairway and Railing Installation

In this installation we see the transformative effect of Bamboo used in the stairway as well as in the railing.


bamboo stairway railing 1

bamboo stairway railing 2

Contact us today to enquire about our competitive decking prices as well all our other bamboo products. Eco Bamboo Africa: the leading distributor of bamboo products to the Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and the rest of the African continent.

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Innovative Bamboo Architecture

Flood Proof Bamboo Houses

bamboo flood proof house

H&P Architects designs house build to withstand flooding: The architects used tightly-packed rows of bamboo cane to build the walls, floors and roof of the Blooming Bamboo Home, along with bamboo wattle, fibreboard and coconut leaves. Click here for full article

Bali Bamboo House Of Dreams

bamboo stairway

Green Village Bali is an eco initiative led by Ubud’s Elora Hardy and her team at Ibuku – architects, designers and master craftsmen who pioneer all-new approaches to bamboo architecture and furniture design. Click here for full article or here for the video

Privacy and Style with Bamboo Poles

bamboo poles

A rhythmic row of bamboo poles is placed at close intervals in front of the house to create a layer of privacy without obstructing the spectacular view of the river and the mountains beyond. The bamboo enclosure creates a dialogue between the interior and the dramatically changing landscape. Click here for full article. Create privacy in your living spaces with our versitile bamboo fencing product

Modular Bamboo Treehouse 

modular bamboo hotel

Design collective Penda has developed a concept for a flexible, portable hotel made from rods of bamboo, designed to bring guests closer to nature. Click here for the full article

 Bamboo Cladding

bamboo cladding

Bamboo poles were used to clad the facade and surrounding walls of this house in the Philippines by Swiss-Filipino studio Atelier Sacha Cotture. The street-facing facade presents a uniform surface of vertical bamboo poles that incorporates doors to the garage and the house's main entrance. Click here for full article or here to order your bamboo poles today!

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Bamboo Floors - Bamboo Countertops - Composite Decking - Bamboo Fencing


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Below are a few examples of how composite decking can transform your home, increase its value and add a feeling of spaciousness to any area. It's tranformed the space into an inviting destination for taking in the stunning view. Click here to contact us today to find out more about composite decking or to request a quote. Installation done by our South African associates and installation agent Bamboo Warehouse.

Bamboo Composite Decking 1

Bamboo Composite Decking 2

Bamboo Composite Decking 3


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At Eco Bamboo Africa we are always trying to bring new and innovative products to the African continent and we are therefore excited to announce a new range of Bamboo Countertops, perfect for the kitchen, office or other areas of the home.

bamboo kitchen countertops 1

The countertops are very easy to install and modify and comes in a variety of colors and thickness (20mm, 30mm and 40mm depths). Bring class and beauty to your kitchen with bamboo. Our countertops are durable, food safe, hypoallergenic & moisture tolerant.

bamboo office countertops 1

Please Click Here to contact us if you would like to receive a quote for our countertops, delivered or installed. 

Alternatively, if you are a contractor, builder or installer and would like to find out how to become an agent of Eco Bamboo Africa in your country of operations, then feel free to contact us.

 countertop boards

Different Size Boards


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Magical Bamboo Houses by Elora Hardy

Inspiring video showing the versatility and beauty of building with bamboo, as well highlighting the value as a sustainable resource. The potential of bamboo is truly amazing. Click below for the not to be missed video of her TED Talk:


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Key Messages in the recent INBAR (International Network for Bamboo & Rattan) Policy Synthesis Report:

  • Bamboo is a vast untapped development resource that countries in the world’s tropical and sub-tropical regions can use in many ways to provide climate smart mitigation and adaptation solutions to their populations. It also brings ecosystem services and income generating opportunities. Benefits include cheap and renewable local energy sources, renewable components for affordable housing, rapid regeneration of soils and rangelands, the basis for new types of small and large industries, new sources of animal fodder, and more
  • Bamboo forests mitigate climate change and have great potential to do more, especially as carbon markets start to recognize and reward bamboo afforestation and reforestation to sequester carbon at rates comparable or even better rates than trees.
  • Communities that include bamboo in their strategies for adapting to climate change benefit from the resilience that derives from bamboo’s fast growth and ability to recover quickly from extreme weather events, as well as its use in constructing climate-smart housing, and provision of climate-friendly alternative fuels.
  • Bamboo provides livelihoods to communities at risk from climate change, especially to their most marginalized and vulnerable members, whose development options multiply as research improves crop management and expands the range of products made from bamboo.
  • The various species of bamboo are excellent choices for restoring degraded landscapes, as they are well adapted to tropical and semitropical conditions. By using bamboo as a timber substitute, pressure on forests can be reduced.

Click here for the full report

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Bamboo Truths

“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” – Japanese Proverb

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