Architect Li Hao has clad this bamboo and wood pavilion in mirrored glass to reflect the historic town in southern China that it faces.

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At Eco Bamboo Africa we are constantly looking for new and inspirational ways to bring bamboo into our lives. Below are some of the latest bamboo building projects by architects and builders from around the world, that use this wonder material in new and improved ways. 

Bamboo Gateway Building by West-line Studio

"The park gateway has been designed by West-line studio architects as a dense assembly of vertical lines. The gate is hidden in the Bamboo Sea and interacts with the particular weather conditions of the area (sun, thick fog, rain, wind and snow) which make the architecture unstable and flexible. The gate  aims to 'activate' the bamboo being at the same time hidden into the forest but also creating an iconic entrance for the park." Click here for the full article

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Monday, 11 July 2016 04:42

Inspiring Bamboo Architectural Designs

At Eco Bamboo Africa we love everything bamboo, especially where inspirational design architerure comes in as showcased in the article below. This is just one more example of the versatilty and beauty of our favorite plant. 

"‘mountain poetic’ is a project whose design background is to provide a landmark landscape architecture for the rice fields in yixing, lianhua dang, china, an area that is nationally known for its exemplary agricultural base. the town’s government wanted to build characteristic structures for their cultivated fields that can also double as duck sheds. the scheme selected and used the hexagon as the basic pattern, dividing it into large, medium and small sizes. through the repetition and superposition of these geometrical forms, an artistic effect is generated."


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