Tuesday, 09 August 2016 11:47

Bamboo Ranks in Top 10 Most Durable Floors

You can have you cake and eat it too!!! 

In life there are always sacrifices made in order to gain. Ever heard of the saying – No such thing as a free lunch?? Nothing in life is for free. If you aren’t paying for it now, you will pay for it in the future.

So if Bamboo is beautiful, natural, easy to install, eco-friendly, affordable and cost effective. Then it can’t be as durable as other options right?

Surprize!!! Bamboo is ranked as one of the top 10 MOST durable floors… Because Bamboo is a resource that require very little time and input to grow and develop it can be harvested more cheaply and timely than any other timber, making the price low but not compromising on its high quality characteristics…

"This grass, incredibly difficult to remove from your yard, begins to look surprisingly attractive when turned into flooring.

If you have ever tried to hack or shovel bamboo out of your yard, you know how tough this grass can be.

The secret to bamboo flooring's sky-high Janka durability ratings lies in three factors: stalk placement, added materials, and quality of bamboo.

Stalks/Construction: Most off-the-shelf bamboo flooring is made by laying the bamboo grass stalks cross-direction. Strand bamboo flooring is often called woven strand bamboo flooring for a good reason: strands of the bamboo stalks are pulled apart and more tightly integrated with the adhesives.

Adhesives: But the thing that truly makes a bamboo floor hard? Adhesives. Bamboo flooring is stuck together by man-made adhesives. More adhesives made a bamboo floor harder.

Bamboo Type: Unfortunately, this factor is difficult, if not impossible, to determine when shopping for bamboo floors. Better-quality, later-harvested bamboo is more durable than younger bamboo that is rushed to harvest.
Look at Janka durability ratings for traditional vs. strand-woven bamboo floors:

Traditional Construction Bamboo: 900-1300. This is in the red oak area.

Strand-Woven Bamboo: 2000-3200. This definitely peaks the Janka scale, with some bamboo floors rating as hard as Brazilian cherry and teak.
The Janka scale for hardness of wood effectively maxes when you get to around 3600. But one outfit, Cali Bamboo out of San Diego, CA, advertises a bamboo floor called Fossilized HD ColorGrain™ with an extremely high Janka hardness rating of around 5000."

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