Monday, 06 February 2017 02:33

4 Tips on Growing Your Own Bamboo

Excellent article on growing your own bamboo by Francisca Kwasa, a farmer from Kenya. 

"1. To get a bamboo seedling, the culm is chopped into several buds, then a hole is punched on each bud. It is then lightly covered with some soil on the ground before being watered and left to sprout. Water is poured inside the hollow buds to hasten germination of shoots.

2. Bamboo seedlings grown inside the structure are ready for sale in four months and not six as the others grown outside. The crop, however, matures in four years.

3. Greenhouse environment is controlled, thus, it helps in development of the plant’s roots, which is usually a big challenge.

4. Bamboo helps to heal the environment. If planted along the rivers, it can reduce erosion and conserve water points

Francisca grows thousands of bamboo seedlings inside two greenhouses measuring 8 by 15 metres each.

“I have more than 60,000 bamboo seedlings of eight different varieties that include Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa tulda and Dendrocalamus giganteus, which I grow for sale. They go for between Sh300 and Sh800,” says Francisca, adding that her prices are higher as compared to the Sh100 in the market because of the environment she raises them."

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